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Lure Your Readers Into Reading Your Posts

A common mistake you may not even realize you’re making? Giving away too much in your headlines. Your headlines should lure readers in like a literacy temptress. They should catch readers’ attention and invoke their curiosity, not give a solution.

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How To Write Engaging Blog Posts

Want your blog post to get opened? Then your headline must promise readers the very answer to whatever is tormenting them. The thing that keeps them up at night. Your headline should not promise them a trip to the moon and back — readers are way too swift for such shenanigans.

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Welcome to Liv&Beck

Okay, you’ve done your research and you know exactly what your readers need. Now it’s time to turn your topic into into a killer headline. The easiest way to master the art of writing headlines? Steal. Not in the unethical way. In the smart and efficient way.

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