Hello, I’m Beck from LivandBeck. Liv is actually my 7 year old daughter who loves bags almost as much as I do!

I have 2 other daughters as well, Millie and Hattie, so it’s fair to say we are a female dominated household. My husband Simon is now an expert in netball, shoes and has recently finally mastered the art of plaiting hair!

After 13 years of being a full time Mum along with Livvy, my baby starting school, I decided it was time to re-discover my identity as something other than Mummy (although that will always be my favourite role!). I have a retail background but am a complete novice in the fashion industry. Yet I love style, colour and creativity.  So I decided to set myself the challenge of designing a range of beautiful yet practical baskets. To be used for storage, the beach, a shopping trip and even a glam ladies lunch. I pride myself on creating classic designs and looks that stand the test of time. When you buy from Livandbeck, you can be sure that you own something you’ll love for many years to come.  

All of the products that you will see on this website have been handpainted with love and attention by myself in my barn at home. To me they are genuinely little works of art. I have a deep rooted belief in fair-trade, so strive to produce products at a price that is fair to both the manufacturer and to our customers. All baskets are made with natural, sustainable materials and we also strive to ensure our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible.